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NNPC Recruitment 2022/2023. Is nnpc recruitment form out, Below is nnpc recruitment application form, nnpc recruitment portal and how to apply for nnpc recruitment 2022.

NNPC Recruitment 2021

NNPC Recruitment Update 2022

Ok, for those waiting to apply for Nigerian National petroleum cooperation Recruitment 2022/2023, below is the latest news about NNPC recruitment update.


This is to inform the general public that the information circulating, especially in the Social Media platforms, claiming that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd (NNPC) is conducting a recruitment exercise IS NOT TRUE and the public should disregard it in its entirety.

Whenever NNPC decides to conduct a recruitment exercise, it will announce this to the public through authentic and credible public communication channels including the NNPC’s website (www.nnpcgroup.com).


Is NNPC Recruitment Form 2022 Out

Do you wish to apply for the ongoing nnpc current job recruitment? If yes, The Nigerian National petroleum cooperation has opened the registration web portal for the nnpc graduate and internship for 2022/2023 session.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has began the 2022 recruitment exercise.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is currently embarking on the construction of 40” X 614km Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano Gas Pipeline and Stations (AKK). The AKK Pipeline is a section of the Trans-Nigerian Gas Pipeline Network. The Segment 2 scope covering a distance of about 318.66 km of the Trans Nigeria Gas Pipeline and stations was awarded to Brentex CPP Limited for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) Gas Pipeline and Stations Project.

As an equal opportunity employer, Brentex CPP Limited welcomes applications for the position below to serve on the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) Gas Pipeline Project (Segment 2) Operation

For the benefit of those who are not well versed with the function of the Nigerian National petroleum cooperation (NNPC), I am going to give a brief overview before I will talk on the application process.

About NNPC Recruitment

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the state oil corporation that was established on April 1, 1977.

In addition to its exploration activities, the Corporation was given powers and operational interests in refining, petrochemicals and products transportation as well as marketing.

Between 1978 and 1989, NNPC constructed refineries in Warri, Kaduna, and Port Harcourt and took over the 35,000-barrel Shell Refinery established in Port Harcourt in 1965.

In 1988, the NNPC was commercialized into 12 strategic business units, covering the entire spectrum of oil industry operations: exploration and production, gas development, refining, distribution, petrochemicals, engineering, and commercial investments.

NNPC Recruitment Portal 2022

Warning! downloadpastquestion.com.ng is not the official recruitment portal of nnpc recruitment form 2022. We published nnpc recruitment updates to help those seeking to apply know their way about. The guide here is totally free, we do not charge for anything.

We will never ask any of our readers to pay us to get recruited. We are not in any affiliation with the recruitment agency. Should anyone contact you in our name, do so to report the person to use and necessary actions will be taken.

Ok, lets now proceed with the available positions, requirements and application procedures.

Available Positions

(1) Senior Heavy Duty Mechanic for Semi Automatic Welding Equipment

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Role Description

  • Carry out full maintenance of trucks, cranes, bulldozers and other heavy equipment for proper performance
  • Diagnosing faults using computerized testing equipment
  • Perform major repair work when necessary.

Required Certification & Course of Study

  • Higher National Diploma / B.Tech / B.Eng. in Engineering or Physical Sciences
  • National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)
  • City & Guild Level 3
  • Years of experience: 8 years.


  • Operational knowledge of Semi-Automatic Welding Equipment, Heavy Duty Crane, and Rig Mechanism (HDD)
  • Proven work experience in similar job
  • Extensive knowledge of diesel engines and construction equipment
  • Ability to work after-hours required
  • Good communication skills.

(2) Heavy Duty Mechanical Specialist (Gas Pipeline Construction & Automatic Welding Equipment)

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Role Description

  • Diagnose, repair, adjust, overhaul, maintain, and test mobile heavy-duty equipment
  • Work with manufacturer’s specifications for maintenance activity
  • Identify and repair problems in structural, mechanical or hydraulic systems
  • Ensure quick response to any breakdown to avoid delay dung operations
  • Perform diagnostic tests for routine maintenance procedures
  • To determine right course of action for damaged parts and system
  • Repair malfunctioning components, retrofit engines, change brakes, adjust steering system, replace worn-out parts and change hydraulic fluids.

Required Certification & Course of Study

  • Higher National Diploma / B.Tech / B.Eng. in Engineering or Physical Sciences
  • National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)
  • City & Guild Level 3
  • Years of experience: 6 years.


  • Operational knowledge of Semi-Automatic Welding Equipment, Heavy Duty Crane, and Rig Mechanism (HDD)
  • Proven work experience in similar job
  • Extensive knowledge of diesel engines and construction equipment
  • Ability to work after-hours required
  • Good communication skills.

(3) Semi-Automatic Welding Instructor

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Job Role

  • Work with QAQC to develop and evaluate welding procedures.
  • Oversee control production and weld quality.
  • Maintain the application of welding codes and standards.
  • Manage and mentor junior welders.
  • Enforce site and personnel safety polices.
  • Review and editing documentation, work reports and record keeping.


  • Higher National Diploma / B.Tech / B.Eng in Engineering or Physical Sciences.
  • National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB),
  • City & Guild Level 3
  • AWS certification / CSWIP or equivalent.
  • ASNT certification
  • 8 years work experience.


  • Ability to interpret drawings and weld symbols per AWS A2.4
  • Knowledge of AWS D1.1, D1.6, D1.2 and ASME B313 fabrications and welding requirements
  • Proven work experience in similar job.

(4) Semi-Automatic Welding Specialist

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Job Description

  • Read blueprints and drawings and taking measurements to plan layout and procedures.
  • Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements.
  • Set tip components for welding according to specifications.
  • Welds metal parts together using both gas [Welder GasI or brazing [Brazer, Assembler] any combination of arc processes [Welder Ard.
  • Perform related tasks, like thermal cutting grinding.
  • May locate and repair cracks in industrial enne cylinder heads using inspection equipment gas torch, and be desnated Repairer, Cylinder Heads.
  • Operate angle grinders to prepare the parts that must be welded
  • Weld components using manual or sen-automatic welding equipment in various positions (vertical, horizontal, or overhead).
  • Repair machinery arid other components by welding pieces and filling gaps
  • Test and inspect welded surfaces and structure to discover flaws.
  • Maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety.
  • SMAW-flat, vertical,horizontal,and over head positions.
  • FCAW gas-shielded aol self-shielded wire – flat, vertical, honzontal, and overhead positions.
  • Oxy / acetyleneorory / polypropylene work.

Required Certification & Course of Study

  • Higher National Diploma / B.Tech / B.Eng. in Engineering or Physical Sciences.
  • National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)
  • City & Guild Level 3.
  • ASNI certification
  • AW Scertiftcationl CSWlP or its equivant
  • Years of Experience: 8 years


  • Ability to interpret drawings and weld symbols per AWS A2.4.
  • Knowledge of AWS 01.1, D1.6, 012 and ASME B313 fabrications and welding requirements.
  • Proven work experience in simdar job.

(5) Training Coordinator (Semi Automatic Welding Equipment)

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Job Description

  • Vast knowledge in the use of semi-automatic welding systems.
  • Map out annual training plans for management, HR. customer support arid more
  • Design and develop training programs (outsourced and/or in-house)
  • Select appropriate training methods or activities (e4, simulations, mentoring, on-the-job training, professional development dasses)
  • Conduct organization-wide training needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Design, prepare and order educational aids and materials.
  • Assess instructional effectiveness and determine the impact of training on employee skills and KPIS.
  • Partner with internal stakeholders and liaise with experts regarding instructional desire.
  • Host train-the-trainer sessions for internal subject matter experts
  • Manage and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment.
  • Conducting Research and recommending new training methods, like gamification.

Required Certification & Course of Study

  • HND / B.Tech / B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation & control.
  • Relevant Certificates required.
  • Years of Experience: 6 years


  • Previous working experience as a training Coordinator
  • Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Suite.
  • Ability to effectively organize and manage multiple training initiatives simultaneously.
  • Experience in providing full-scope training materials from analyzing company needs to lesson planning, development and implementation with respect to semi-automatic welding.
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in creating instructional materials.

(6) Senior Instrumentation Specialist

Locations: Abuja (FCT) and Kaduna

Job Description

  • Vast in installation and maintenance of instrumentation and Telecom systems.


  • Higher National Diploma / B.Sc / B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering or Electrical / Electronics Engineering
  • City & Guild Level 3.
  • 8 years work experience.


Working knowledge of Instrumentation & Control deliverables such as:

  • Panel (JB and Marshalling) Design
  • P & ID’s
  • Loop Drawings
  • Wiring Drawings
  • Motor control Schematics
  • Instrument location Drawings
  • Instrument installation Details
  • Instrument Specifications (Datasheets)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Conduit / Tray / Cable Schedules
  • Control Narratives
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Construction of Engineering Work Packages.

Working knowledge of Instrumentation Calculation / Selection such as:

  • Flow (Orifice Plates, Vortex, Venturi, Magnetic, Ultrasonic meters).
  • Level Measurement (Radar, Displacers, Gauges).
  • Temperature (including Thermowells Freq. wake calculation).
  • Process Analysers and sampling systems would be a plus.
  • Competent use of instrument Calculation / Selection specific software.

Working Knowledge (Design/Configuration/Implementation) on any of the following systems:

  • PLCs, preferable Modicon, GE or Rockwell
  • SISs, preferable Triconex.
  • DCS, preferable Honeywell TDC/TPS/Experion, Foxboro/A, ABBxA.

Working knowledge of Industry Standards and Codes related to:

  • Instrumentation & Control system deliverables.
  • Working Knowledge in Computer-Aided Design software.
  • Working Knowledge on Smart Planet Instrumentation (SPI) software.
  • Working Knowledge (design/implementation) in Communication, etc.

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Now that you are well versed with the application requirements, we think it’s time to apply if you are up to the standard.

How to Apply for NNPC Recruitment 2022

The application is done online.

Visit NNPC Recruitment Portal 2022 to apply for the ongoing recruitment.

You must meet with all the specified requirements to be successful

You must apply before the deadline to be on the safer side. After the deadline for the application, the portal will be closed and you will not be able to apply again.

Ready to apply,

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications to: hr.department@brentexcpp.com using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

NNPC Recruitment Closing Date 2022


The NNPC Recruitment Form for 2022/2023 is not yet out. All the guide here is to direct you on what to do when the application form is out.

Keep checking this page; we will keep updating it daily.

NNPC Salary Structure 2022

NNPC Salary Structure

A very important industry in Nigeria is the petroleum industry which to this day, the country is still very much dependent on, and because of the huge proceeds Nigeria generates from the oil and gas sector, it is little wonder why a vast majority of the country’s populace wants to work in this sector.

Whether you are science-oriented or not, when your field of study is relevant to the NNPC, you can rest assured that you will be employed if you meet all their requirements for the role they are employing you for. While The NNPC is not the highest paying oil and gas company in the country, they pay really attractive and impressive salaries to their members of staff.

You should note that the NNPC salary varies according to the type of job you’re hired for and the location you are employed at. Their take-home pay also varies from department to department, and those who earn the most are the board members and directors, followed by the engineers and geoscientists before others. With that in mind, let us now look at how much NNPC pays a select group of their most important workers.

– Internship Payment Scale

NNPC allows for interns to come into the organization to learn. This gives interns a great opportunity to learn more about their fields and relate with professionals, dealing with practical issues. Usually, an internship is between 3 months to 2 years depending on the school and discipline. As expected, interns are the least earning staff in NNPC. On average, they earn between N18, 000 – N30, 000 per month.

– Entry Level Payment Scale

The entry-level is the first level as a fresh graduate in NNPC. Although it isn’t categorically called “entry-level” and is in fact named according to the profession, say sales officer, the level is the most basic in the organization. On average, a new entry in NNPC earns between N180, 000 – N350, 000 depending on the job specification and level of experience. Engineers and field workers generally earn more. This figure excludes bonuses and other basic incentives which can almost double the take home at the end of the month.

– Experienced/Managers Payment Scale

This is where the money begins to flow well. The salary here is dependent on the level of experience and job description. On the average, experienced staffs in NNPC earn between N500, 000 – N1 million depending on the level of experience and the rank. Managers in some certain fields in the organization earn far more than this. In fact, some top managers earn above 2 million naira per month.

The table below shows the salary structure of NNPC workers from the lowest to the highest;

NO. Level Monthly Salary (N)
1 Intern 18,000 – 30,000
2 Entry Level  Staff 180,000 – 350, 000
3 Experienced Staff/Managers 500,000 – 1,000,000

Again, it should be noted that this information is not 100%. Figures may change with time and some of the salaries for some fields in the industry are vague.

Have any question about NNPC Recruitment 2022, let us know.

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