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Download PDF: NIS Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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NIS Recruitment Past Questions Download PDF: the questions and answers of the Nigeria Immigration for Aptitude Test exam is below.

Getting employed into the Nigeria Immigration Service through the study of up to date past questions and answers is what this post is all about.

We have take time to compiled this NIS Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for you. We have also added accurate answers to help you during preparation.

You might want to ask, do Nigeria Immigration Service repeat their past question? The answer is “YES.” They do repeat questions from their previous years’ exam. Apart from this, the past question will help you to know the nature of the exam. Candidates who prepare using the past question will know how the question and the exam will look like even before the actual exam day.

Nigerian Immigrations Recruitment Past Questions And Answers


i. English language

ii. Mathematics

iii. General Knowledge

SAMPLE QUESTIONS For Nigerian Immigrations Recruitment from Previous Years.

1. One of these is not a type of passport in Nigeria

A. Nigeria Diplomatic or Official Passport

B. Nigeria Standard passport

C. Nigeria Pilgrims Passport

D. Nigeria Citizens Passport

2. ECOWAS was established in ____ and has it administrative headquarter in

(a) 1967 Lome

(b) 1975 Lome

(c) 1975 Lagos

(d) 1967 Lagos

3: The first general election in Nigeria was held in

(a) 1959

(b) 1960

(c) 1963

(d) 1999

4: Which of following is the core duty of the Nigeria Immigration?

(a) Persecuting offenders

(b) enforcing of Laws

(c) issuance of all Nigerian travel document

(d) Deporting of foreigners

5: The NIS was brought out of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in

(a) 1946

(b) 1956

(c) 1958

(c) 1964

6: The NIS was formally established by the act of parliament in

(a) 1963

(b) 1957

(c) 1964

(d) 1976

7: The first African country to introduce E-passport was

(a) South-Africa

(b) Ghana

(c) Liberia

(d) Nigeria

8: Which ministry determines the tariffs on the passport issuance or re-issuance and residence permit?

A. Federal Ministry of Interior

B. Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

C. Federal Ministry of Transport

D. Federal Ministry of Works and Housing

9: CERPAC stands for

A. Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card.

B. Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Abroad Card.

C. Combined Extended Residence Permit and Aliens Card.

D. Combined Extended Residence Permit and Abroad Card.

10. Arrange in descending order: (i) Comptroller General (ii) Comptroller (iii) Superintendent (iv) Chief Superintendent

A. i, ii, iv, iii

B. i, ii,iii, iv

C. iv, i, ii, iii

D. ii, iii, iv, i

Download a full and updated copy of the Nigerian Immigrations Recruitment Past Questions And Answers and also get it delivered to your email box by following the instruction below.

There’s no shortcut in scoring high in any Nigerian Immigration aptitude test, the fundamental secret is on your understanding of the previous questions.

You can call us to confirm before purchasing via 07085608069

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How to Download NIS Recruitment Past Questions PDF

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Once we confirmed your payment, Send a text to this phone number 07085608069 with your Full Name, email address, we will send your NIS Past Questions and Answers in pdf download to your email immediately.

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