Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for Aptitude Test Exam

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Download Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers pdf- The NPF Past Questions and Answers for Aptitude Test Exam is now available.

Getting employed into Nigeria Police Force has NPF staffs through the study of Past Questions is what this article is all about.

This past questions for Nigeria Police Force exams are available in PDF format. You can download and print it. You can also read it on your phone or computer.

Do Nigeria Police Force repeat questions in their exam? The answer is “YES”. We have discovered so many NPF repeated questions.

We have took time to compile Nigeria Police Force Recruitment past questions with answers for you. We have provided accurate answers to help you during practice.

The cost of the newly updated Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only.

Sample of Nigeria Police Force Past Questions

1. List of officers fit for appointment to the office of the Inspector General of Police is compiled by the

A. Police Council

B. Police Corporative

C. Police Academy

D. Police Authority

2. How many units does the Nigerian police have?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

3. A formal accusation by a grand jury that charges a person with a crime is known as……

A. Indemnity

B. Insanity plea

C. Indictment

D. Faux Pas

4. Which of the following constabularies did not participate in the formation of the Nigerian police?

A. Niger Coast Constabulary

B. Special Service Constabulary

C. Royal Niger Company Constabulary

D. Thirty members consular guard

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