JAMB Repeated Questions 2022/2023 for all Subjects

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JAMB Repeated Questions 2022/2023 for all Subjects. This JAMB questions 2022 cover the following JAMB subjects’ English language, Mathematics Physics, Biology, Government and Economics etc.

JAMB Repeat Questions 2021

JAMB UTME Repeated Questions 2022/2023. One of the frequent questions I do get from students on UTME is – Do JAMB repeat questions? My response has always been – yes they do.

However, the way JAMB repeat questions is a little bit tricky, and sometimes they do it directly. All candidates who are writing UTME must know that JAMB secret lie in mastering past questions.

I do tell my students that one of the ways to unfold JAMB secret is to get like 7-12 years past questions. You have to study the trend and pattern of the questions, its occurrences, and then extract areas/topics JAMB likes bringing out in each subject you are writing.

Below are the downloadable jamb past questions we have gathered together for those preparing for UTME 2022

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Mathematics

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on English Language

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Biology

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Literature in English

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Economics

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Christian Religious Knowledge

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Government

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on English Language

The above approach is what I referred to as a strategic reading pattern. I will give some examples of how JAMB repeats questions in the case below.

Examples of JAMB Repeated Questions

1) Physics

For example,

1. The bond between silicon and germanium is – Answer is covalent (2013, 2011 UTME)

2. The energy of a photon having a wavelength of 10-10m is – in this case they may change the value of the wavelength in another year

3. If a sonometer has a fundamental frequency of 450Hz, what is the frequency of the fifth overtone?

4. A bullet fired vertically upward from a gun held 2.0m above the ground reaches its maximum height in 4.0 s. calculate its initial velocity.

Questions on scalar and vector quantities with example frequently comes out

Heat capacity, efficiency of a machine (M.A and V.R), optics, mechanics, half-life, arrangement of resistors and capacitors in series and parallel, sound waves, etc. are areas JAMB like taking questions.

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2) Chemistry

1. Milikan’s contribution to the development of atomic theory is the determination of – Answer is charge on electron

2. Tetraoxosulphate(VI) acid burns the skin by – dehydration

Laying your hands on past questions is a way to extract information on the area you should concentrate on when reading. This approach can be use for Biology, Use of English, Economics, Government, etc.

Note: The probability that JAMB will repeat questions word for word in mathematics isn’t 1. However, it may look alike but with different values or they may reframe it. It is sure that questions will come out from differentiation, integration, circle geometry, algebra, word problem, simultaneous equation, quadratic, inequality, etc.

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