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Download ICPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers pdf- The ICPC Past Questions and Answers for Aptitude Test Exam is now available. The ICPC past question and answer covers some of the key questions and answers asked in the past ICPC examination.

ICPC Recruitment Past Questions

This guide covers how to get ICPC Past Questions and Answers pdf for 2020/2021 Recruitment aptitude test.

The truth is most of the past questions online may not be the real questions ICPC has set in the past.

Below are the information I gathered from candidates that have written ICPC in the past.

Based on ICPC Past questions, the questions will be based on Mathematics, English Language, and General paper. There would be 25 Mathematics questions, 25 English Language questions, and 50 General paper questions; that’s a total of 100 questions in all. All questions are to be answered within 1hour.

English Language

Most questions from English Language came from Consonant sound, Vowel sound, Nearest in meaning, Opposite in meaning, Synonyms, adjective, Verbs.

General paper

The questions from this part are majorly current affairs. Some of the question that came out last year include:

  1. Which country was formerly known as gold Coast
  2. Who ruled as a military ruler the longest
  3. Which of this isn’t located in the southern Africa (a) South Africa (b) Gambia (c) Cape Verde (d) none of the above
  4. Know the Governors of each state, CBN governor


Majority of maths questions came from probability, permutation and combination, partial and impartial fractions, logarithm, mean, median, mode and range.

Be smart!

ICPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

We have compiled ICPC Recruitment past questions for you to download in pdf file. We have added accurate answers to help you while reading.

Samples of ICPC Past Questions and Answers

  1. Which of these is a domestic animal.

A. Cat
B. snake
C. Lion

D. Giraffe

2) We keep food in the ____________ to prevent spoilage.

A. Shelve
B. cupboard
C. Fridge
D. Store

3) Scientists perform Experiments in the ________. A. Library

B. Lavatory
C. Laboratory
D. Lobby

4) Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?

A. Harmattan
B. Dry
D. Raining
D. Winter

5) Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house.

A. Genocide
B. herbicide
C. Insecticide
D. Kerosene

6) A pedestrian travel on ___________. A. Water

B. Bicycle
C. Foot
D. Train

7) The sun or any star and the planets which move round it is referred to as ____.

A. Sunny system
B. Solar System
C. Solar Plexus
D. Solar power

8) How many months of the year have less than 31 days?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

9) The patient was taken to the _________ by the doctor for the surgery.

A. Labour room
B. Laboratory
C. Theatre
D. Ward

10) A female sheep is called

A. Kid
B. Fingerling
C. Ewe
D. Ram
Answer C

There’s no shortcut in scoring high in any ICPC aptitude test, the fundamental secret is on your understanding of the previous questions.

How to Get ICPC Past Questions PDF

1. Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below:

Account Name: Thompson Inyang Etete
Account No: 0341259937
Bank: GTBank


After Payment, send the following;

(1) Email address

(2) depositors name

(3) amount paid

To Thompson Inyang via Text or WhatsApp07085608069.

100% guaranteed. We will send your ICPC Past Questions and Answers in pdf download to your email immediately.

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Quick Disclaimer!

Please note that is not endorsed nor affiliated with this company/agency in any way. We get our exams materials from extensive research, feedback from past candidates who took the exam, and sometimes from certain testing agencies providing test material.
Candidates have shared their testimonials about questions from our materials being repeated in exams. All of the questions in our materials are either taken from past exams and are likely to appear on future exams. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the same questions will appear again, yet still the material will surely help you succeed.

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