Download PDF: Exxon Mobil Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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Exxon Mobil 2019/2020 Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for aptitude test – Download PDF into your phone or laptop below.

We have take time to compiled this ExxonMobil Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for you. We have also added accurate answers to help you during preparation.

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This Exxon Mobil past questions and answers Test includes;

i. verbal reasoning

ii. Numerical reasoning

iii. Diagrammatic tests.

Sample of Exxon Mobil Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

  1. Whatis the total weight of 9 parcels each weighing 5.25 kg and 7 parcels eachweighing 3.5 kg?

A. 24.5 kg

B. 47.25 kg

C. 49.70 kg

D. 70.25 kg

E. 71.75 kg

2. 90%of all customer enquiries must be dealt with by the end of each week. If therewere 250 enquiries last week, how many of them should have been dealt with bythe end of last Friday?

A. 215





3. What is the maximum number of items weighing 4.5 kg that can safely be packed in acontainer strong enough to hold 600 kg?






4. Threebusiness machines are priced at $274.50, $287.00 and $295.30. What is theiraverage price?






5. A company imported three items on which duty had to be paid. The items cost $340,$210, and $165 and duty was charged at rates of 18%, 15% and 12% respectively.How much duty was paid in all?






Download a full and updated copy of the Mobil Recruitment Test Past Questions And Answers and also get it delivered to your email box by following the instruction below.

How to Download Exxon Mobil recruitment Past Questions

1. Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below:

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Once we confirmed your payment, Send a text to this phone number 07085608069 with your Full Name, email address, we will send your Exxon Mobil recruitment Past Questions and Answers in pdf download to your email immediately.

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